Integrating Mathematics and Physical Activity
           Romanello ML, College of Mount St. Joseph, OH
           Hammergren R, St. Luke Hospital, KY
           Boesch CC, Cincinnati Public Schools, OH
           Okamoto K, Coastside Physical Therapy, CA
           McEvoy E, College of Mount St. Joseph, OH
           Ahrens D, Mercy Hospital Clermont, OH
           Reid A, Dearborn County Hospital, IN
           Stoneburner R, Margaret Mary Community Hospital, IN
           Holtgrefe K, College of Mount St. Joseph, OH
Americans place great emphasis on improving studentsí mathematics and science 
scores.  We implemented an after school physical activity program, embedded 
it with mathematics concepts as they relate to physical fitness, physical 
therapy, and nutrition, to see if 3rd grade studentsí math scores would increase 
after participating in the program.  Our findings show positive trends for this 
program to improve 3rd grade math scores and has potential for assessing what 
connections students make between mathematics, nutrition, and physical activities. 

Academic Exchange Quarterly  Winter 2008: Volume 12, Issue 4  
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