Developing a Distance Learning and Online Strategy
           Monica J. Parzinger, St. Mary’s University, TX
           Carol Luckhardt Redfield, St. Mary's University, TX
           Robert Boyd Skipper, St. Mary's University, TX
           Necia Wolff, St. Mary's University, TX
This paper presents the business case analysis upon which a distance learning strategy
was formed.  Instrumental in the process was the Hedgehog concept and the report 
“Quality on the Line: Benchmarks for Success in Internet-Based Distance Education.”  
The team reached a consensus and recommended distance learning technologies be 
util-ized at the University but within appropriate guidelines. Other instructional 
organizations may be interested in applying a similar approach or seeing the results 
of this approach to determine their own distance learning policies.  

Academic Exchange Quarterly   Fall 2008: Volume 12, Issue 3  
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