A Homework Club for At Risk Middle School Students
           Lourdes M. Rivera, Queens College, CUNY, NY
           Marian C. Fish, Queens College, CUNY, NY
           Malka Ismach, Graduate Center, CUNY, NY
           Mark E. Peterson, Valley Stream Central School District, NY
           Maria Grace Miceli-Pariti, Valley Stream Central School District, NY
This field-based study examined a multifaceted and multisystemic after school homework 
program intervention for at risk middle school students transitioning to high school. 
The program was developed and implemented by university and school-based personnel and 
incorporated evidence-supported strategies (i.e., peer tutoring, parent involvement, 
and collaborations between school districts and universities). Multiple measures were 
used to assess its effectiveness.  This after school intervention has promise as a 
model to improve homework behavior and academic outcomes for at risk students. 

Academic Exchange Quarterly   Summer 2008: Volume 12, Issue 2  
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