Self-Regulation and Web-Based Pedagogical Tools 
	Anastasia Kitsantas, George Mason University, VA
	Panagiota Kitsantas, George Mason University, VA
	Thomas Kitsantas, Technological Institute Epirou, Greece
	Nada Dabbagh, George Mason University, VA 

The purpose of this article is to describe how college instructors can use 
Web-Based Pedagogical Tools (WBPT) to promote studentsí self-regulation. 
Given that a plethora of research studies show that high achieving college 
students engage in self-regulated learning, this present paper provides 
(a) an overview of key self-regulatory processes; (b) a description of available 
WBPT embedded in course management systems; and (c) specific recommendations 
on how instructors can use WBPT to support student self-regulated learning in 
college classrooms.
Academic Exchange Quarterly  Winter  2006  
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