Adjuncts Happen: Strong Faculty; Weak System  
	Barbara Garii, Lesley University
	Naomi Jeffery Petersen, Indiana University South Bend

Given the current increase in the use of adjunct faculty, this paper addresses 
adjunct faculty role expectations for the purpose of clarifying program stressors.  
Because university policies on adjuncts are open-ended or unspecified, each 
participant defines adjunct roles differently; these definitions are not always 
compatible.  Both core and adjunct faculty focus on teaching but core faculty 
also must perform a service role of influencing continuous program modifications.   
Adjuncts often limit their role to teaching and may not fully incorporate policy 
changes, undermining programmatic coherence   Inequity is experienced by core and 
adjunct faculty as well as students.  Understanding perspectives is a first step 
towards program coherence.  While solutions aimed at reducing stress for core and 
adjunct faculty are not readily apparent, initial discussion of the dilemma allows 
us to consider options as programs are revised in response to new standards.

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