Online Teaching: A Framework for Success  
	Amany Saleh, Arkansas State University
	Candace Lacey, Educational Consultant

There is little doubt that the information age has impacted the way colleges and 
universities look at course delivery. This is most evident in the increasing demand 
for online courses in all disciplines and programs. As a result, it has become 
increasingly evident that all educators will be expected to incorporate technology 
into their classrooms to remain current with pedagogical practices  and consumer 
demands. Perhaps this new emphasis is due in part to the acknowledged potential 
for improving education and educational opportunities through the use of digital 
technology or due to the current awareness of the need for increased use of 
different methods of teaching and learning in higher education.  However, with 
little empirical data to support the use of technology in the classroom an ongoing 
debate focuses on the effectiveness of online teaching in higher education.   

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