Medical Providers' and Internet-Based Education 
	Colleen Halupa, United States Air Force

The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes of health care 
providers towards Internet-based education as a method to meet continuing 
medical education (CME) requirements.  A questionnaire was administered to 
111 providers at a large outpatient clinic/inpatient hospital in the 
southeastern United States; interviews were also conducted.  Providers 
were aware Internet-based CME exists; only 50% reported that useful modules 
were available.  Younger providers were more aware of Internet-based CME 
than older providers.  Provider age and the number of years practicing 
medicine had no effect on providers' attitudes towards computers, the 
Internet, and Internet-based CME.  Overall, providers had a positive 
attitude towards Internet-based CME and consider it a viable alternative; 
however, almost all providers surveyed prefer traditional CME methods such 
as meetings and seminars.  Provider attitudes towards computers and the 
Internet do not predict attitudes towards Internet-based CME in this population.

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