Teaching Film Theory in a Post-Film Era 
	Carol Donelan, Carleton College, MN 

Given the post-film, post-theory era in which we find ourselves, of what 
value is film theory to our students?  My reflections on this question 
lead me to two conclusions.  First, film theory provides a conceptual 
horizon against which students can assess what is both new and very old 
about “new media.”  Second, I think there is value in film theory itself, 
in the study of it, as one path to take in the pursuit of a liberal arts 
education.  Through a discussion of canonical texts by Eisenstein, Bazin, 
and Barthes, I hope to evoke some sense of how students can be encouraged 
to “experience themselves otherwise” through their engagement with film 
theory—as passionate producers rather than cool consumers, as believers 
rather than facile skeptics, and as embodied rather than disembodied thinkers.

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