Jamming Econo: Punk Aesthetics in Theatre 
	Luke Krueger, Arizona State University

Theatre’s popularity among members of Generations X and Y is rapidly 
declining. Film is quickly burying the once proud literary form of 
Ibsen, Shakespeare, Shaw, and Chekov.  Jamming Econo: Punk Aesthetics 
in Theatre, looks at a cultural movement that M.T.V. was quick to latch 
onto, hardcore punk; not so much for the music but for the aesthetic of 
streamlined, efficient use of time in order to entertain. While many arts 
have had their “punk” movement, theatre never fully embraced the movement. 
Instead, it pandered to wealthy patrons, and now finds itself in peril as 
an irrelevant art form to Generations X and Y.  It is my goal to show that 
the aesthetics can be applied practically and in the classroom, but more 
theatre scholars and practitioners must acquaint themselves with the 
aesthetics of jamming econo.        

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