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In recent years, many schools have added sustainable, green practices to their mission statements. Some have also added course requirements that help students develop an ecological perspective while others have changed operations to limit their institutionís impact on the environment. Writing teachers have often contributed to this charge by integrating readings and writing activities that help students better understand their relationship to the environment. These teachers believe in the shared responsibility for helping students come to terms with environmental crises and fostering biospheric literacy. This approach to literacy education often includes an experiential component that aims to help students understand the role of the ecosystems particular to the schoolís service area and how these systems interact with others around the globe. This call invites papers that discuss the ways writing is used to promote thought, discussion, and awareness of sustainable, green practices.

Who May Submit:
All teachers with experience using writing to help students understand sustainability practices and develop an ecological perspective. Raising global awareness is difficult in the established and often confined curriculum; therefore, learning from othersí experiences is an effective way to develop a strong approach to writing green. Contributors are not limited to English instructors; anyone who teaches a class with a writing emphasis is encouraged to submit. Please identify your submission with keyword: WRITING-7

Submission deadline:
On-going submission requests with cut-off date set by issue publication month.
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