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The Role of Language in Society and Education
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Population movements across the world have resulted in cultural and linguistic contact, a situation that creates new opportunities to study the relationship between language, society, and education. This issue seeks to contribute to the understanding of the role of language in society and education.
  • teaching to heritage speakers
  • maintaining biliteracy
  • cultural and linguistic issues related to migration
  • bilingualism, language policies, and language planning
  • migration and hybridism in language
  • language and education
  • pragmatics in the classroom
  • language and dialect contact
  • discourse analysis
  • language ideologies
This edition intends to bring together research on sociolinguistics, pragmatics, dialectology, and discourse analysis.

Who May Submit:
Submissions are welcome from researchers and educators at all levels; those that are involved in the teaching of language are especially welcome. Please, identify your submission with keyword: LANGUAGE-7.

Submission Deadline:
On-going submission requests with cut-off date set by issue publication month.
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