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Interdisciplinary Pedagogy to Foster Health Initiatives

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Steve Pec   Editor of Academic Exchange Quarterly
This part of Academic Exchange Quarterly focuses on interdisciplinary pedagogy to foster unique and creative approaches health initiatives across various disciplines including those considered non-traditional for health applications. Papers can address:
  1. Novel and creative approaches to integrating health concepts among student disciplines that enhances their electronic, written, oral, listening, non-verbal communication, and visual, in a variety of contexts (intrapersonal; interpersonal; small group; organizational; public speaking; design; environmental; media; performance; telecommunication; telemedicine). This could include communication within or between disciplines, (including team-based communication); and, between professionals and consumers (i.e., patient and families).
  2. Novel and creative strategies to promote health communication and awareness among diverse cultures.
  3. Novel and creative strategies that demonstrate how interdisciplinary communications effects collaborative communication and practice decisions with patients.
  4. Novel and creative clinical training, portfolio construction (including e-portfolios), design models, performances, and other communication or competency-based strategies that illustrate students' professional and personal development.
Manuscripts are sought that deal with topics such as, (but not limited to), those raised by the following questions:
  1. What unique, creative interdisciplinary instructional methods, programs, or curriculum are being used in clinical, lab, classroom, electronic and community settings to enhance health initiatives?
  2. How is cultural competency fostered among various student disciplines in the following areas: health advocacy and policy development; cultural communications; leadership development; illness prevention; public relations; strategic health planning; risk management; and, communication with community partners?
  3. How are students taught to become collaborative and effective communicators with professionals in other disciplines, and to engage in collaborative interdisciplinary problem-solving?
  4. How can faculty reacculturate students to expand their awareness of the broad vision of health as a focus for learning and to integrate innovations by sharing theoretical frameworks across disciplines, and communicate other disciplines and partner with communities to solve complex and system-wide challenges?
  5. How can faculty instruct students to effectively identify, assess, and disseminate significant health initiatives that generate positive evidence based outcomes?
  6. How can faculty and programs effectively recruit and sustain a diverse body of future professionals, including students with disabilities, which are culturally competent to communicate with diverse populations across disciplines?
  7. What specific pedagogy or combination of pedagogies support any or all of the aforementioned issues?
  8. What faculty development is needed or used that models these unique interdisciplinary approaches while using a focus on health?
Manuscripts are also sought that describe evaluations (quantitative or qualitative) of the aforementioned instructional programs.

Who May Submit:
Faculty, administrators, librarians and graduate students.   Please identify your submission with keyword: HEALTH -7

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