Academic Exchange Quarterly
Spring 2008, Volume 12, Issue 1
Expanded issue up to 400+ pages.
Articles on various topics plus the following special sections.
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Problem-Based Learning
Feature Editors:
Dr. Johannes Strobel, Assistant Professor
Educational Technology, Concordia University, Montreal
Angela van Barneveld, PhD student
Educational Technology, Concordia University, Montreal
A forthcoming issue in AEQ is on Problem-Based Learning. PBL is a pedagogical strategy, which, at its very center, uses authentic problem-based cases situated in a specific discipline to foster experiential learning, and collaborative dialogue. With its emphasis on content learning and rich problem-solving, PBL’s goal is to scaffold learners’ thinking, enhance motivation to learn, and support self-directed learning. Problem-based learning has had a major impact on the thinking and practice of numerous disciplines ranging from medicine, law, business, and education. It involves all aspects of instruction including teaching, facilitation, curriculum, and assessment and requires commitment and support at all levels of administration. Manuscripts in problem-based learning are invited that consider conceptual, practical, qualitative, quantitative or mixed method research and works-in-progress or future directions. Papers from pre-school, postsecondary and work-place use of PBL reflecting different cultural and disciplinary contexts are welcome.

Who May Submit:
Manuscripts are welcome from researchers, teachers, practitioners, administrators, faculty, and graduate students co-authored with their professor. Please identify your submission with keyword: PBL

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of November 2007; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

Submission Procedure:    or
  • UBC PBL Network
  • Graduate Student Listserv at the University of Ottawa (Faculty of Education)
  • Individual Faculties at the University of Ottawa (Medicine, Engineering)
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Ottawa (they also have links to POD Network (US), STHLE (Canada), and HERDSA (Australia & New Zealand)
  • American Educational Research Association (SIG-PBL)
  • American Educational Research Association (Division-C, Learning & Instruction; Division-B, Curriculum Studies, Division I, Education in the Professions, Division K, Teaching & Teacher Education)
  • Papers invited at
  • DR-ED (Medical Education Research and Development) listserv sponsored by the Office of Medical Education Research and Development (OMERAD), College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
  • DEOS-L (Distance Education On-Line Symposium) listserv - a very active moderated listserv for the past ten years. It facilitates discussion of current issues in distance education and now serves over 5,000 subscribers in 80 countries.
  • PBL list (Problem Based Learning) – listserv hosted by the Joint Information Systems Committee funded by all the UK post-16 and higher education funding councils (PBL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK).
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