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Summer or Fall 2015, Volume 19, Issue 2 or 3
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Gender and Sexuality
Feature Editor:
Thalia M. Mulvihill, Ph.D.
Professor of Social Foundations of Education and Higher Education
Assistant Department Chair/Director of Doctoral Programs
Director of the Certificate in College & University Teaching
Teachers College, Ball State University, IN
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Gender and Sexuality
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The intersections between the multivocal concepts of Women, Gender and Education are filled with opportunities for further inquiry. This topic requires an interdisciplinary field of study that includes scholarship areas such as women's studies, gender studies, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer studies (LGBTQ),as well as feminist and critical theories as they intersect with educational questions. Pedagogies that address these issues continue to evolve at all levels of education, in all locations in the world, and are in need of documentation, further examination and evaluation. Furthermore, as educators involve themselves with pedagogical and administrative innovations there is a need for sustained reflection and dialogic exchanges among members of the larger community of educators in order to link pedagogical and social transformation. AEQ provides a forum whereby important educational questions can be asked and examined from multiple theoretical perspectives. Perhaps the time is now for all of us to re-examine our own scholarship to look for these analytical possibilities, and consider forwarding a manuscript for the Spring 2013 AEQ issue.

Who May Submit:
Educators and researchers from all fields related to gender and sexual orientation are invited to submit manuscripts. Manuscripts may be in the form of research reports, case studies, research in progress, or theoretical papers. Please identify your submission with keyword: GENDER-5

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of March 2015.

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