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Urban Community Colleges
Academic Exchange Quarterly
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Fall 2016, Volume 20, Issue 3

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The theme of urban community colleges is one that has generated a great deal of interest. Urban community colleges serve multiple and diverse audiences. In addition to the traditionally aged college students, urban community colleges serve increasing numbers of older students, students of color, displaced workers, low-income families, and speakers of other languages seeking to acquire better English skills. The proposed issue will examine success of urban community college students of all kinds. Success will be measured as retention, degree acquisition, acquirement of job skills, English improvement, etc. In other words, success in urban community colleges is as varied as the students that the colleges serve.

Who May Submit:
Academics, educational researchers, and graduate students (co-authored with professor) who have conducted research on urban community colleges are welcome to submit manuscripts for consideration. Please identify your submission with keyword: COMMUNITY

Submission Deadline:
any time until the end of May 2016

Submission Procedure:   

Moreover, Academic Exchange Quarterly published authors are invited to submit updates
to their articles based on new developments in the field or on readers' feedback.
Accepted updates will be published in SIB volumes and , to promote COMMUNITY scholarship,
some may be co-published in AEQ.

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