Distance Education
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The number of Web-based distance education courses offered by universities and colleges continues to grow at a steady pace. This steady growth is an indication that this type of course will remain a part of the academic landscape for years to come. Despite this growth, Web-based distance education is a new teaching and learning environment for many faculty and students. Manuscripts that address the following questions are sought. What are the best methods for successful instruction in a virtual environment? What are the most effective instruction practices, methods, and strategies for this environment? What instructional design processes, techniques, and technology are the most successful in developing high quality Web-based distance education courses? How do we support studentsí academic needs in this environment to ensure their success? What are the most innovative uses of technology to deliver courses in this environment?

Who May Submit:
Ideal contributors will be those who teach Web-based distance education courses or who are responsible for various elements of these courses. This can include faculty, librarians, administrators, instructional designers, graduate students, and various other academic personnel. Please identify your submission with keyword: DISTANCE-4

Submission deadline:
On-going submission requests with cut-off date set by issue publication month.
See Regular and Short submission deadline.
Submission Procedure:

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