Academic Exchange Quarterly   ISSN 1096-1453   Volume 24, Issue 4   Winter 2020

                                    COVID-19 Practical Solutions

Welcome to the expended Winter 2020 AEQ edition: print available in a month or two;
online available now without any COVID-19 related delays. Meanwhile, while waiting for
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Nonetheless, our idea of normality is being put to the test as never before in traditional teaching
and learning . The main culprit seems to be twofold (1) government's slow response to coronavirus
pandemic and (2) often cumbersome if not poor quality of virtual learning technology. For students
it is difficult to stay focused without stable internet or user friendly protocols. For faculty inability to
assess and monitor students academic performance remains insurmountable challenge. Majority
of both view online teaching and learning as a second-rate version of what was done in a
traditional classroom.

To mitigate COVID-19 negative impact on teaching and learning, authors published in AEQ advise
to reread this quarterly articles in print and/or online. Some are listed below:

2020 WINTER Discussion Board Boredom? Creating an Engaging Online Course
           Aly Matejka, University of Findlay, Findlay, OH
2020 FALL Effects of Teacher-Student Relationships
           Calandra E. Weaver, Ball State University
           Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University
           Christopher B. Davison, Ball State University
2020 SUMMER The Gritty Reality of Teaching and Learning
           Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University
2020 SPRING Students Expectations for E-mails to Faculty
           Courtney Waite Miller, Elmhurst College
           Rachel M. Reznik, Elmhurst College
2019 WINTER Can Flipped Learning Work in Online Courses?
           Minaz Fazal, New York Institute of Technology, NY
           Cesar C. Navarrete, New York Institute of Technology, NY
2019 FALL Technology Acceptance in an Online Practicum Course
           Sherryl W. Johnson, Albany State University, Georgia
2019 SUMMER Assessment Strategies in Online Learning
           Thomas J. Wing, Boise State University
           Jaime N. Sand, Boise State University
2019 SPRING Fostering a Community of Inquiry in Online Discussions
           Julie A. Delello, The University of Texas at Tyler
           Rochell R. McWhorter, The University of Texas at Tyler
           Heshium Lawrence, The University of Texas at Tyler
2018 WINTER Authentic Dialogue in Online Classrooms
           Xeturah Woodley, New Mexico State University

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