Academic Exchange Quarterly   ISSN 1096-1453   Volume 24, Issue 2   Summer 2020

                           COVID-19 Challenges

Welcome to the expanded Summer 2020 edition, available: ONLINE in July,
   PRINT in September

We gratefully share with you our successful distribution of BEEM 2020 mental health
workbook - introduced in Spring Editorial
There are few dozens of BEEM left; intend to distribute on "1st come 1st serve" basis.
Though, in case of a toss-up, the preference to acquire will go to those from Silent
Generation - defined in Winter Editorial.

Also, for year 2020, this quarterly gladly offers 2-3 months advanced online publication
of AEQ print issue content: Spring in Apr, Summer in Jul, Fall in Sep, Winter in Dec.
Print issue publication, adjusted timeline, is detailed on page 61 of BEEM workbook
- mailed USPS to all subscribers and those acquiring BEEM using EXCHANGE

Moreover in Fall, upon many requests from readers in foreign countries, we plan to
publish an intermediate level CLIL Workbook: Get to know the USA - selected topics
in family, social, business, and academic life.

Finally, let us know your likes and dislikes with the way AEQ copes with COVID-19
challenges… Do you have a story to tell - impact of COVID-19 on education?

Steve S. Pec, Editor and/or Publisher since 1997
This issue includes also Tangram, supplement to BEEM workbook - details
on page 113

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