Academic Exchange Quarterly   ISSN 1096-1453   Volume 24, Issue 1   Spring 2020

                           Unintended Consequences of 6 feet

Welcome to the expanded Spring 2020 print edition of AEQ. Inclusion of BEEM
2020 mental health workbook necessitated new format:   full color plus bigger size
8 x 11 instead of 6 x 10. Because of Coronavirus we intend to publish this expended
print edition for the entire year: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
At the time of this writing press reported: school, college, university closings gaining speed
nationwide. Accordingly teachers are losing their jobs.   Resulting social isolation also
seems to aggravate the public health such as mental wellbeing of some. To all this, we say:

LET'S RECALL 1918 Spanish flu, thought to be the deadliest in human history,
         instead of fearing things to come. For details of pandemic effect upon
         the mood or psychological state of the nation read Pettit, Dorothy † (1976).
         A cruel wind: America experiences Pandemic influenza, 1918-1920.
         A Social history. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of New Hampshire, NH
         †Deceased 11 March 2016

READ ALSO Review of School Closure as a Pandemic Mitigation Strategy
         article by John T. Carlo in Texas Medicine July 2009, 105(7):21-26

LET'S NOT forget friends and colleagues from Greatest and Silent Generation.
         Often for them just knowing that there is someone they can count on
         if needed is enough to dampen fear of abandonment. To diversify their
         daily activities share with them BEEM 2020 workbook. It is free.
         Photocopy from 2020 Academic Exchange print issue in your library or
         request by email free PDF copy - need to identify academic position.

Steve S. Pec, Editor and/or Publisher since 1997
Do you have a story to tell? Focus on "impact of COVID-19 on education".