Academic Exchange Quarterly     ISSN 1096-1453    Volume 22, Issue 4    Winter 2018

Welcome to the Winter 2018 edition of Academic Exchange Quarterly
This academic journal has been producing quality academic research publications for over twenty years. Please join me
in wishing our journal continued success through the coming years.

A continual commitment to excellence is a hallmark of successful research journals as well as successful scholars/educators.
Most of us have a number of demands placed upon us by our institution and chosen profession. We are scientists, educators,
and we serve our respective institutions and communities. Often, we are counselors to our students, academic advisors, coaches,
or mentors; depending upon the situation. Additionally, we pursue research and grants as well as teach our courses. Somehow,
we find time to serve on committees and perform community outreach and service.

Our profession is challenging and the demands are great. It often appears that there is never enough time to perform the duties
that we need to perform. However, that is why we are in the profession. We relish the challenge and the opportunity to rise to the
occasion. Be not troubled or doubting: You are in the right place. You have headed the call. You have committed to excellence
in education. You are indeed in the right place.

Some of us are first year educators facing the daunting prospect of teaching for the first time. Some of us may be mid-career or
still working on tenure and promotion. Others of us are seasoned professionals and may be wondering what the coming semester
will bring. In any case, we are all in the right place.

We will leave a lasting impression upon the lives we touch. This is an awesome responsibility that is an honor and a privilege.
Many among us can reflect and remember the teacher(s) or mentor(s) that helped shaped us along our journey. Now, we are in
a position to impact our students´┐Ż lives and help shape their choices. Our communities and our education institutions expect this
of us. Let us go boldly and confidently into the classroom knowing that we are making a difference and having a positive impact
upon we teach.

As teachers, researchers, and academic professionals, we have a duty to be excellent and effective educators. This duty is both
an honor and a privilege, reserved for those few that are dedicated to the profession. We are committed to student success,
institutional excellence, and excellence in research and scholarly activity. For a further exploration of effective teaching, please
see success, our article on the Four Classroom Traits of Successful Educators

I encourage you to be excellent in all things possible. Be excellent in your classrooms, be excellent to all whom you encounter,
and be excellent to yourself. We all share a common passion for teaching, research and service. Remember that as you go to
your classrooms, or your committee meetings, or continue your research and writing. Let your passion and enthusiasm for our
profession be an example for others.

Now please enjoy the Winter 2018 edition of Academic Exchange Quarterly. You are in the right place!

Christopher B. Davison, PhD
Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management
Ball State University, IN

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