Academic Exchange Quarterly     ISSN 1096-1453    Volume 21, Issue 3    Fall 2017

The new 2017/18 school year is here,  
and with it again some students struggle to write academic papers.
The struggles of many international students are even greater - writing papers in academic English,
a language foreign to them.

To this effect, in our limited way, AEQ decided to do something about ESL students plight by developing WAAE,
Writing American Academic English, Workbook for Intermediate and Beyond Level
The workbook's basic approach derives from authors' experience that an educated learner is best served by
combining extensive writing, handwriting, with an intellectual understanding of grammatical structure.

WAAE content makes a distinction between passive and active knowledge of written English. Workbook
spiral construction is organized with increasing complexity resulting in transition from consumer to producer
of information.   There are 500 pages, 3 chapters, 48 units, and 288 steps. It can be completed in
roughly 700 hours in two years (one unit every two weeks - 7 hours a week).

Primarily this workbook is designed for international students and independent learners with at least one year
of college English as a Second Language, ESL, or equivalent. In addition, it may be used as a supplementary
resource for teachers of American English, Writing Center or Writing Across the Curriculum faculty, staff.

Writing American Academic English is available in two formats: print and PDF file. A free access to WAAE is
available when local library (school or public) has an annual subscription to Academic Exchange Quarterly.

After passing qualifying test, learners are welcome to start this workbook at any time after December 2017.

Steve S. Pec, AEQ Editor and/or Publisher since 1997
Writing academic English is also a problem for many college faculty in non-English countries. For example,
despite a large number of submissions only a handful was published in the past 20 years. See School Index

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