Academic Exchange Quarterly     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 20, Issue 1
Spring 2016

Dear Reader (part 2):  

I am pleased to offer you another useful issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly, AEQ.
It includes twenty original articles. One half were never published in its present form.
The remaining articles, first in print years ago in AEQ, now are republished with updated
content, expanded text and references. The latter, updated articles, derives from your
postal and email requests to increase the number of publications that “tackle current
teaching and learning issues at new levels and in new ways. “

Both, original and updates, we hope will meet your expectations and encourage continuing
support for Academic Exchange Quarterly. For as my French grandmother would say
“Selon le vent, il faut tourner sa voile,” (one must sail according to the wind). AEQ aims to
continue moving forward and we are glad that you are journeying with us. For example:
the number of AEQ annual paid subscribers remains stable as well as the number of
AEQ webpage readers.

BTW have you had a chance to see AEQ Noteworthy Books….. such as MLA Handbook?
In this groundbreaking new edition, the MLA recommends one universal set of guidelines that
writers can apply to any type of source.

Steve S. Pec, AEQ Editor and/or Publisher since 1997

Dear Reader (part 1) Dear Reader, in today’s changing academia and society

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