Academic Exchange Quarterly     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 19, Issue 4
Winter 2015

Dear Reader, in today’s changing academia and society,  
professional needs
and personal limitations sometime collide, leading to mediocre job performance
or often unhappy days.

We at Academic Exchange Quarterly (AEQ) are unable to help you with both.
But happily this journal, AEQ 3500+ published authors, can assist you
with the first one: professional needs or poor job performance. Just check out
this issue (or any other published since 1997) and you will find a treasury of ideas
and methods on effective instruction and learning in all subjects and levels.
Be sure to check also Sound Instruction Books (SIB) all ten volumes.

Practical, powerful, and an authoritative resource are words used by many subscribers
to define AEQ. Indeed, Google Scholar Metrics (with H-Index rating 5 & 6) reiterates
Academic Exchange Quarterly strong impact factor. Especially when one considers
the fact that AEQ is a subscription based print-journal, and not OA online publication.

To be sure we want to continue uphold high standards while publishing a useful
instruction and learning resource. We look forward to your continuing support as a
-- subscriber to Academic Exchange Quarterrly print edition
-- buyer of single AEQ and SIB publicatiions at a college bookstore
-- reader of AEQ at a college library.
-- teacher using AEQ or SIB in the classrooom

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Steve S. Pec, AEQ Editor and/or Publisher since 1997
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