Academic Exchange Quarterly     Summer 2015     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 19, Issue 2

In Lieu of Summer Issue Editorial

After eighteen years of publication, Academic Exchange Quarterly (AEQ) has established itself as a trusted provider
of teaching solutions.    This quarterly print edition is read in fifty different countries.
To some, AEQ is known as “teachers’ professional development resource.”

When many traditional academic print journals disappear due to a shrinking financial base, we decided to expand
into book publishing with Sound Instruction Books (SIB).

Content is the difference between AEQ and SIB. Each issue of AEQ publishes a range of topics while each SIB volume
offers a specific topic.    Moreover, articles in SIB are frequently updated and extend previous publications in AEQ.
To update your published article follow requirements Updating published articles.
Sample updated articles are included in this issue, see seven entries NNNN-LN NNNN-NL For example:
-- topic LANGUAGE article “Translation in SLA: A Complete Re-Appraisal”
          originally published in AEQ Spring 2012, now republished in SIB volume 5
-- topic STUDENT article “Changing Ourr Students' Perception about Reading”
          originally published in AEQ Spring 2008, now republished in SIB volume 6
-- topic SOTL article “Dimensions of CCollaborative Faculty Development”
          originally published in AEQ Winter 2008, now republished in SIB volume 7

Such thematic compilation of articles seems to offer an economic way to secure a specific “professional development
resource” at a fraction of the cost of an AEQ annual subscription.    This cost saving approach is appealing to libraries
as well as individuals because they can secure articles on a particular topic in one convenient place, SIB, at one fourth
of the annual subscription to AEQ.

We hope that you continue reading AEQ as you have throughout our eighteen years and add SIB to your reading list.
Volumes 3, 4, 5, 6 can be purchased now.

Steve S. Pec, Academic Exchange Quarterly Editor and Publisher
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