Winter 2009     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 13, Issue 4     Editorial page 7
Incoming Editorial: An Invitation to Join Us

I'm very pleased to take over the reins from the capable hands of JoAnn Danelo Barbour. During her tenure as Chief Editor of Academic Exchange Quarterly, submissions increased, our readership base expanded, and the influence of the journal has spread. Our Feature Editors and authors come from all fifty states and from forty-eight foreign countries. Our journal is among the subscription holdings of many scholarly libraries, including the British Library. She has done an exemplary job of serving as Chief Editor.

I had previously served as Chief Editor in 2001-2002 and am happy to do so again. Academic Exchange Quarterly is now in its thirteenth year, having begun as a small publication in 1997. Now it is one of the largest academic print journals, and rightly so. Each issue contains thirty-five to forty articles and consists of approximately two hundred pages. Most articles have been written by college and university faculty, many of them junior level who seek publication of their ideas gleaned from their research and classroom practices. I am glad to be part of an endeavor which encourages our young faculty colleagues as well as senior.

How has this journal succeeded so well? It's because of a dedicated staff and ingenious method of soliciting manuscripts by online submissions. Once the submissions have been received and have been checked to meet all the guidelines, the manuscript is then reviewed by colleagues familiar with the interests of our readers. All articles are peer reviewed with an acceptance rate varying from seventeen percent to thirty percent.

Our Feature Editors are our colleagues from assorted disciplines who share an interest in encouraging their peers to submit manuscripts. We are engaged in a common goal of propagating the best that has been written regarding classroom instruction. We are teachers and scholars who seek innovative ideas for classroom use. Our readers are searching for effective methods of improving their pedagogy, and our journal provides them with excellent suggestions.

If you would like to join our organization, please send me an e-mail or view our journal's website: Let me know what topic you would like to become involved with and think would be of interest to our readers. Academic Exchange Quarterly will continue to grow and improve with your support.

Ben Varner, Professor of English
University of Northern Colorado.