Spring 2009     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 13, Issue 1     Editorial (2)
This issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly contains numerous submissions related to 
reading instruction. Educators throughout the country, including Pepperdine University, 
Queens College (CUNY), Shepherd University, University of Central Florida, University 
of Maryland, and University of Missouri-Kansas City, have contributed academic papers 
aimed at equipping educators with recent research findings that include innovative 
vocabulary and comprehension techniques designed to foster reading success. Their 
scholarly articles maintain modernity in an effort to meet the ever-changing needs 
of students in an increasingly diverse global society.

Reading instruction is at the forefront of academic emphasis at all levels of 
education. This spotlight has prompted research that will contribute to a larger 
wealth of knowledge related to reading education, theory, and practice. With 
educational funding being directed towards research-based instructional planning, 
instruction, and assessment, there have been an overwhelming number of programs 
created and implemented. However, their application is not universal and thus, this 
forum serves as a medium to disseminate information related to reading instruction 
and strategy implementation within multiple populations including (a) English 
Language Learners, (b) suburban, urban, and rural schools, and (c) those with 

Therefore, it is with great anticipation that I announce next year’s theme: Reading 
Research, Theory, and Practice. Within the ‘Reading Instruction’ feature of the 
Spring 2010 issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly, topics will include but are not 
limited to: Assessment and Evaluation, Reading Teacher Education, Adolescent Reading, 
Informational Texts, Reading Clinics, Reaching Coaches, Response-to-Intervention, 
and Struggling Readers.  www.rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/6read.htm

Potential authors are encouraged to submit articles early to provide ample revision 
time if needed. Failure to follow submission guidelines may result in rejection of 
paper. These guidelines are posted at the following link: 

Those considering submitting a manuscript regarding ‘Reading Instruction’ should 
contact me via email. I will gladly share information about the submission procedure 
and other helpful advice for the peer-review process at Academic Exchange Quarterly. 
It is only with actions derived from an inquisitive nature that solutions may be 
found, leading to enlightenment and ultimately, better educated individuals. Please 
share your investigations and research endeavors with our worldwide audience of 
subscribers in 69 countries. 

Evan Thomas Ortlieb, Ph.D.
Valdosta State University
E-mail: etortlieb@valdosta.edu
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