Winter 2008     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 12, Issue 4     Editorial (1)
This issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly contains a number of excellent 
submissions concerning online learning. Such issues as online discussion forums, 
teaching strategies for online instruction, teaching writing online, using online 
book clubs, and even educational photo logs (“eduphlogs”) are explained.  Instructors 
from Cal Poly, Texas A&M, University of Baltimore, North Carolina A&T, Florida Gulf 
Coast University, and those from a handful of other higher education institutions 
have engaged in online learning.  These valuable articles are designed to help us 
as educators to improve our teaching via this medium.

Online instruction instruction is growing, and I am cheered by the increasing numbers 
of submissions AEQ receives on this topic.  More instructors are using this new 
instructional venue—taking chances, experimenting, working toward more effective 
delivery.  It is interesting to see also how colleagues react to online instruction.  
There are those who are reluctant to try something new and intend to remain within 
their own zone of comfort.  There are those who are willing to try online 
learning—but only a little at a time—and they are the colleagues who supplement 
their traditional course delivery with online work.  There are others who are more 
venturesome but wish to retain traditional delivery with a change in course location 
by using online instruction as the classroom space.  Those are the instructors who 
teach hybrid or blended courses.  Finally, there are those who teach entirely online: 
The traditional face-to-face environment has been replaced by online activity of 
varying and fascinating pedagogical methods.  There is a great transition going on 
in education.

That is why I am enthusiastic about the forthcoming Volume III of Sound Instruction: 
Ready to Use Classroom Practice (ISBN 0-9709895-1-3) which will be published next 
year.  Contained in this volume will be best articles focusing on “Online Learning,” 
an ongoing feature of AEQ.  The volume will be a rich source of information about 
various methods of using learning management systems, blogs, wikis, listservs, and 
streaming video for online instruction.  Additionally, the content of these articles 
will demonstrate the ingenuity of our colleagues in using the Internet for many 
different educational purposes.  This text will be the result of several years of 
first-rate articles published in our journal. Please make a note to order this volume 
for your personal use or for your institution’s library.

Volume II of Sound Instruction is now at the printer and is a collection of articles 
on assessment, consultation/collaboration, and online learning (ISBN 0-9709895-1-2).  
This excellent volume was co-edited by Melinda Pierson and Kristin Stang from 
California State University at Fullerton and me from the University of Northern 
Colorado.  Since online learning encompasses a wide range of benefits, assessment 
and consultation/collaboration fit easily within its purview.  Both volumes II and 
the forthcoming III will be well worth acquiring.

With this issue, “Online Learning” continues as a major feature of Academic Exchange 
Quarterly.  There will be more articles on this topic in succeeding issues.  If you 
have a manuscript regarding “Online Learning” that you would like to share with our 
readers, please let me know.  I’ll be glad to send you the particulars on how to get 
your submission into the que for our journal’s peer-review process.  Many excellent 
teaching ideas are shared in this way, so why not share yours with your colleagues?  
You won’t find a more appreciative audience.

Ben Varner, Ph.D., Professor of English
University of Northern Colorado
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